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Dawsons 50 Load Weekend


When we first released this landmark title as a two-parter back in andwe knew Dawsons 50 Load Weekend was destined to make porn history. The story is already a sex legend: But this time he wanted to go even further: DAWSONthe handsomest and most innocent-looking cumwhore of our time, has completely given in to his lust for manjuice.

And he's never shown off his total hunger like he does in this vid, with his fine little welcome-home nympho-hole twitchin' with anticipation whenever a loaded cock wanders into fucking distance.

We scheduled his first day as rest time after traveling to NYC, "Dawsons 50 Load Weekend" he was having none of that.

He called us up and started begging us to get things started. There's no way to resist DAWSON when he wants something--especially when that something is a fat, hard dick up that fine meat-hole of his.

Directed by Max Sohl. With...

MATT said he'd be there in 20 minutes Every Dawsons 50 Load Weekend he took a load up his perfect "Dawsons 50 Load Weekend" and felt that spent dick sliding out, DAWSON 's cock-desperate eyes immediately focused on the next dick that was gonna be porking him. He's the real deal, gents!

These two fuck like an incestuous Daddy-Son team. One of the things we're known for here at T. And ever since DAWSON first appeared in one of our videos, we've been flooded with requests to have him suck off a roomful of hung studs. The kicker here is that DAWSON saves all the fuckjuice he sucks out of the big, swingin' dicks to use later as his personal butt-lube!

DAWSON finishes the first night of his historic spooge-a-thon with one of the most impressive male-on-male couplings we've ever seen.

Our world-class cumbucket slut warms up with a couple of hot black studs, one of whom deep-fucks poor little DAWSON and thoroughly overflows his fuckchute with a huge load of Afro-spooge. This muscular alpha-stud uses his huge, uncut Italian schlong on DAWSON with such total mastery that the poor bottom is breathless afterward. Every now and then, one of our editors comes across "lost Dawsons 50 Load Weekend from our archive that absolutely must be seen.

View the Porn series Dawson's...

This gangbang is one such To soothe his over-worked fuckhole, and to get ready for the cock-onslaught of the rest of the weekend, DAWSON got some special cum-therapy and deep-lubing!

You'll love SETH 's evil grin as he fills the baster, shoves it up DAWSON 's raw hole—and Weekend, slowly, slowly squeezes all the accumulated spooge from the "Weekend" orgy the night before into the hapless bottom-man.

The three men ride DAWSON 's happy rump and pop their thick, juicy loads inside the poor whimpering bottom, leaving him full of more cum than ever. He's ambitious and at this point in his cum-drenched weekend, he wanted a gallon more of the Dawsons Load white wigglies inside him. It's got an itch on and it's not ever gonna stop!

So, after some deep-tongue super-fine ass-rimming, our guy DAWSON is right back on track and raring to get more cum up his swollen, gaping meat-hole.

You'll keep a blindfold handy...

Just when DAWSON thought he was done, his cream-filled rosebud throbbing and whimpering from the pounding and punishment of the load-filled dong-dodging weekend, Max pulled out his secret ass-ault Weapons: Now, it'd be Dawsons 50 Load Weekend impressive to take even just one big-ol' swingin' dick the likes of these punishers. But when you've been ass-pounded and gut-punished by cock after cock after cock Dawsons 50 Load Weekend cock all fuckin' weekend, you're REALLY gonna feel it when these two badboys take turns sliding in deep, deeper, deepest.

Max always has something up his sleeve This alone is worth the price of admission. We're talkin' major jaw-dropper here, folks. He is a force of nature. This one's a fuckin' winner! Would love to give that cunt a fuckin' it will not soon forget!! Johnny P Dawson helps me to ooze lots of precum that i frequently lick off my fingers while watching his enjoying major man-sex in every form.

What - does his weekend start on a Tuesday? Love to own the video and get plowed like him. Possibly be in the industry. Keep swallowing that cum!! Jackso I love to watch Dawson,he just love a cock. This movie shows him at his best loving cock!

Michael O fucking awesome films! NatyPig I am mostly bottom, but would love to top this guy. I have watched this one several times. Worth the money all the way.

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